TST Rubber Stamp puts the customer first!

That Special Touch

Welcome to T.S.T. Graphic Solutions & Rubber Stamp!

We offer a large variety of products and services including:
• Custom stamps    • Flash-style stamps     • Self inking     • Stock message stamps    
• Custom laser engraving    • Graphic design     • Vinyl signs     • Printing services    
• Embossers & notary seals     • Professional business cards    • Wood mounted stamps    
• Banners     • Engraved nameplates     • Name badges     • Daters
           AND MORE!

At T.S.T. Rubber Stamp, we are known for putting our customers FIRST.  We have helped people all over North America and they love us because of our great value and high quality products.
Our motto is “If we wouldn’t buy it, we won’t sell it to you!”

We provide the highest quality rubber stamps and other products at the best value possible. It is our pleasure to work with everyone from small businesses, entrepreneurs, large Fortune 500 companies, sports franchises like the Toronto Maple Leafs, and governments (including Canada’s many departments, the U.S. military and the United States government).

Contact us to see how we are truly different and how we add
“That Special Touch” (T.S.T.) to every single order.

We look forward to working with you!

Cindy & Jim Burrows, Owners

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