Use the link below as a quick way to send us your logo, image, or other graphic.

Be sure to fill out the form to let us know why we are receiving it.

Vector files work best but we can accept most graphic files (.cdr, .tif, .ai, .jpeg, .bmp, .eps, .pdf, .psd, .png).
Please no AutoCAD files.
Make sure that all images are flattened or converted to curves or converted to outlines.
If you have used a unique font please send that as well so that your files open correctly.
Rubber stamp artwork must be 100% black, no greys, no shadows, no colours.
Artwork files that do not meet this basic criteria will be subject to artwork charges.
PLEASE NOTE: Uploading a file using this page does NOT mean that you are placing an order.
Use this form to send additional files or if you forgot to attach your artwork.
If you know what size or style or rubber stamp you want, please use the appropriate order form.
This will help us to move your order forward much faster.

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