Help! My self inking stamp isn’t printing clearly.

Self inking stamps are by far the most popular rubber stamp we sell because of their versatility. They are not only re-inkable, they can also have the information changed on them.  It’s as simple as changing the die plate and ink pad.  This makes them completely recyclable. 

So the question we get asked the most is “How do I change the ink pad or re-ink my self inking stamp?”.
Watch our video Related image to see how to remove the ink pads and how to re-ink your self inking stamp.

So what happens when you have replaced the ink pad and the imprint still isn’t good?

When you insert the new ink pad, make sure you have the ink surface facing toward the bottom of the stamp body or your desk. Look at how the die plate flips around, and make sure the die touches the pad itself and not the plastic frame the pad is sitting in.

When re-inking, if there is only a partial imprint, the new ink pad was probably turned around and now the hills and valleys on the die plate are not lining up with the ones on the ink pad.  They have to mesh properly to get full ink coverage.  If you look at the ink pad, you will see an impression of the dieplate where it has been pressed against it. All you have to do is take the ink pad out and turn it around 180 degrees.  Then put it back in.

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