Traditional Hand Stamp

How do I get the best imprint from my hand stamp?

The most important thing to remember when using a Traditional Hand Stamp or any Manual Stamp is to use a good ink pad with enough ink.

Traditional Hand Stamp

NOT ENOUGH INK = Poor Imprint

The Stamp exists only to transfer the ink from the stamp pad to the paper.

  1. Don’t slam the stamp on the ink pad.
    Slamming pushes the ink down inside the pad and away from the stamp.
  2. Dab it lightly.
    3 or 4 times before stamping.
  3. Practise!
    Try patting the ink pad once and see how the imprint looks.
    You may have to pat the ink pad a couple of times per imprint to get the look you want.
    The die (your info) will eventually become saturated with ink making it easier to get a clear print.
    You may have to try it a few times to see what works best for you.
  4. Make sure you use a good stamp pad!
    It will help greatly to make a good impression. Buy a new pad or re-ink the one you have now.

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