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Rubber Stamps: How do I…?

At T.S.T. Rubber Stamp we have always encouraged our customers to take the “green route” and recycle their self inking stamps.

That means that the old dieplates have to be removed and the ink pads replaced.

You can also re-ink most self inking stamps instead of always replacing the ink pads. This means a cost savings to you and a lot less plastic in our landfill sites. Everybody wins.

There are a few times when you MUST change your ink pad:

1. If the current ink pad looks worn or frayed.
2. If you want to change the ink colour.
3. If you changed the dieplate (your custom info).
You must change the pad at this time because the old ink pad will be indented with the old information.
Once the new dieplate goes on the hills and valleys from the die will not match up with the old hills and valleys in the pad. This will make a very poor imprint which defeats the whole purpose!

Here are downloadable instruction sheets, with photos!, to show you how to change your dieplate and replace your inkpads. Click on the text to open the files.

How to Change Your Dieplate

How to Replace and Re-ink Your Inkpad

If you have any questions about these easy procedures, please feel free to give us a call.

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