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We’re going to make you look unbelievable on the web. You’ll want to say, “Mr. DeMille, I’m ready for my closeup!” when we’re done. You want a site you can show off and be proud of. A site that engages your audience. Look no further.

The best feeling we get is when clients are excited even before we’re finished because they can’t wait to launch their beautiful, dynamic website! (That’s why we design websites, to make YOU look AWESOME!) You’re getting ready to work with a web design team that’s going to make you the star of your own show online. (If it’s someone else’s show, we’re going to make you look so smart for hiring us, your boss will probably give you a nice fat raise and sing your praises at the next company picnic. This has happened, no joke.) The real value of working with us is you’re going to discover how to use your site as a base from which you’ll want to build your online marketing strategy. TST Rubber Stamp will show you how to keep people coming back to you for more. You’ll discover how to reach more potential clients quickly and with less cost. Stick around and learn some fantastic tips from a legendary online marketing team who can help you corner your market in ways you never dreamt.

Here’s what you’ll get:

1) Professional Looking Graphics
If your site design doesn’t look professional, it will say the same thing about your business. Period. End of story. The first impression is the most important. We bet you’re here because your current site isn’t delivering. We want to help you change that right NOW. You’re going to love your site so much you’ll wish hired us sooner. The best thing about all of this? You won’t have to redo your site in 6 months, 1 year or possibly even 2 years! You know why? Your site is going to be built to be scalable and stand the test of time. We’ll be able to add whatever your imagination can come up with in the future if you’re not adding it now. Think about it, no one knows what the next big thing on the web is. This is the year of mobile. What will next year bring? Your site won’t have to be redesigned to handle it. Your site will be ready for whatever you want to throw at it, video, 3D, smell-o-vision, whatever! That is going to save you some major bucks to redesign it. BONUS: You have a team here that’s always looking for the next new thing and has always kept up with technology. Chances are we’ll be telling you about it here first. Now that’s a partnership to leverage for a long time.

2) Easy Navigation
The reason your users are on the Internet in the first place is to get quick, easy information at the click of a button. If your site design is difficult to maneuver, chances are your user will go somewhere else to find the information they are looking for. Give your clients a site they can come back to again and again and always find your best content. (You ARE keeping up with new content, right? If you’re not, let’s talk.)

3) Clear and Concise Text
If people don’t understand your message on the very first page, they will leave your site without giving you another chance to capture their business. This is so important, we have a writer on staff who works with all of our clients on their text and can help you write your site completely or edit the text you already have for the most impact. Her services are included with every package. You don’t have to hire a writer. We added one in our package to save you the time of looking and the cost to hire. Plus our writer has been part of the team for years! She knows exactly how to work and coordinate content with you and the designers. You can go work on your business while we work on your site.

4) Pretty neat.
Optimizing Your Site for the Search Engines During the Build Process
Is your site search engine friendly? Your site not only needs to communicate your message your human visitors, but the design must also tell the search engine spiders or robots what you are all about so they can place you at the top of your relative keyword phrase. Its just like a librarian placing books in a library–if you aren’t found in the right place, you don’t exist to the readers you are trying to attract. This is done by our designers during and after the design process. We actually place buttons and text where they need to go in order for search engines to get the best information about your site and place you at the top of the engines if you have signed up for our Search Engine Submission Program. You’re going to get more traffic. More eyeballs. More wallets. Are you ready for it?
A Mobile-Ready Version of your Site We include a mobile version of your site which is easy to navigate on iPhones, Android, Blackberry and iPad devices absolutely FREE with your new custom site. You want visitors to see your site from any device out there and call you right away. They’ll be so impressed they’ll call you from the same device! How convenient!

5) Optional Content Management System WordPress allows you to update your own pages, images and content including adding new pages all through an online administrative interface we teach you how to use. (This will SAVE you money in the future because you don’t have to HIRE someone, BUY software, TEACH them how to use the site, etc. etc. WordPress enables us to do things with your site you’d pay developers thousands to create. Believe us, the site will pay for itself immediately.)

6) All the Expertise You Need to Succeed Online in One Place. This is the most important one. You’re going to love the fact that every question you have about online marketing can be answered here. We have all the resources in one place to help with your ENTIRE online marketing strategy. We’re Digital Imagineers (to steal from our friends at Disney). You don’t have to go out and hire a web designer, a hosting company, a search engine specialist, a social media consultant, an email marketing company, a writer, a coach, and a dancing bear. (We can find one if you really, really want one.) We’re in this with you for the long haul. We’ve made the mistakes ourselves so we know how to show you what to watch out for. There’s no snake oil salesmen here, just a CEO who knows how to deliver technology advice and practical solutions for your business. (That Des gal is quite easy to look at too, eh?) Our team loves to educate and teach the latest in online marketing techniques. We’re not just going to leave you once the project dust settles. We want to continue to educate you in how you can use those pixels and your computer to make more money for your business and grow your bottom line. We want to teach you how to keep your clients coming back for more as well as how to open their wallets. We know you’re the best in your business. You need a web presence that proves it. Let us help you get started today.

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